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Sara Jimenez Gomez - Translation - Medical - Book

A bad translation can have all kinds of different consequences. Your doctor might misunderstand your report. EMA might refuse the marketing authorisation for the drug you’ve been developing for so long. Or people might not read your book because the writing makes it boring.

Are you looking to conduct a trial? Develop a drug? Catch patients’, physicians’ or health authorities’ attention? Raise awareness of an illness? Help a doctor understand your symptoms? Or maybe access a new treatment?

Then don’t take the risk.

You need the translation into Spanish of your documents or book to be handled by a professional. It’s the only way to be sure you’ll get:

  • Clinical trial protocols and documentation translated with clarity and faultlessly. 
  • Translations free of mistranslations.
  • Documents consistent with each other, updated whenever there are changes. 
  • Easy-to-understand texts and validations from regulatory agencies such as AEMPS and ethical committees, so that Spanish centres join your study.
  • All your drug documentation translated and ready to be submitted to regulatory agencies (e.g., EMA) for marketing authorisation.
  • Articles accepted after peer reviews and published in journals.
  • Trial documentation patients can understand.
  • Adverse events reports from abroad that investigators understand perfectly.
  • Translated summaries of product characteristics and package inserts that follow QRD templates and use the MedRA terminology.
  • Texts that communicate enough empathy to catch patients’ attention, so they join your study or association.
  • Translations that mirror the formatting of the source text.
  • Translations that preserve the writing style of the original book.
  • Accurate, quality translations, on time, first time.

Your document is too important to just rely on machine translation (like Google Translate), isn’t it? 

I’m Sara Jiménez, medical and book translator. I deliver translations into Spanish with consistency, sensitivity and quality, in the right format.

  • Graduate in Translation and Interpreting, quality assurance expert and content writer.
  • Specialised in medicine and the publishing industry. 
  • Experience in translation project management and quality assurance.
  • Knowledge of the healthcare sector (both as a patient and a provider).
Sara Jiménez Gómez - Translation of medical texts and books from English into Spanish - Cádiz Sevilla

Translations of medical texts and books
from English into Spanish

What documents do I translate?

  • Although I specialise in patient-facing content in particular, I translate all types of medical documents:
    • Clinical trial protocols
    • Informed consent forms
    • Clinical trial agreements
    • Questionnaires for diagnostic tests 
    • Medical reports
    • Letters from and for ethic committees 
    • Scientific articles 
    • CVs
    • Summary of product characteristics
    • Package inserts
    • Leaflets
    • Patient cards
    • Clinical marketing
  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Legal documents
  • Texts on gastronomy

Which format do you need the text in?

  • Word or any text format.
  • Excel.
  • Ppt.
  • Pdf.

I always deliver in the same format as the original. I’ll use any reference material you provide me with (style guides, templates, glossaries, translation memories, etc).

How I translate your documents into Spanish: my process.


I analyse the assignment and all the necessary documentation, especially the terminology, to make sure I can do the translation within your time frame.


I find the answer to every terminology, grammar or topic-related question I might have so the meaning of your text is respected.


I get stuck into the translation, preferably with the help of a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool.

Then, as a first revision I compare the source text and the translated one.


In a second revision, I look at the punctuation, the numbers, the medical terms, etc.

I then put the translation through an exhaustive quality assurance process to ensure high quality.


I always respect your formatting instructions and make sure the terminology is consistent.

If it’s a fantasy/science fiction book, I work with you to understand the reason behind every element of the world you’ve created. I take that into account when translating.


You proofread the text to make sure everything is in accordance with what we’ve agreed.

Do you need a professional translation into Spanish with exhaustive quality assurance? 

Any questions?

Each project is different and is priced differently. Once you send me the document to be translated, I’ll provide you with a personalised quote within one working day.

That depends on the project itself. I’ll always state a deadline in the quote I provide you with.

I’ll be able to answer this once you provide me with the source document.

No problem. I can translate the text in the images, providing you with bilingual tables so you can handle the recreation of the image, or I can handle it myself in whatever way we agree.

Thanks to the agency RMH Consultores, my business complies with GDPR. I can send you documents to prove this, if necessary.

Medical and literary texts are so delicate that it’s better to have direct communication with the person in charge of the translation so you can work as a team. That guarantees quality.

Worried about not finding translators for other languages apart from Spanish? My experience and my membership of Asetrad means I know many professionals that could help you. Just let me know what your needs are and we’ll find a solution.

I specialise in medical and literary (fiction and nonfiction) texts, but I also have experience with legal (terms and conditions, agreements, etc.) and gastronomy-related texts (menus, recipes, etc.).
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

I can consider this on a case by case basis depending on the file. For example, if I need to convert a non-editable pdf into Word or if you need the translation to be displayed in a bilingual table, so the source and target are in the same file.

I’m afraid I can’t. My mother tongue is Spanish and I only work in and into that language. However, as part of my quality assurance services, I can provide back translations into English.

This is something I recommend, since two heads are better than one. It’s always better that proofreading is done by someone else. This can be organised if you wish.

Yes, I can offer language consultancy, as well as advice on how to manage a translation project. I can also recommend colleagues, help you manage style guides and translation memories, and more.

I do thorough quality assurance before delivering my translations, paying special attention to the format, in order to ensure the best quality.
I’ve also trained as a medical translator with great professionals in this industry. I have experience both as a healthcare worker and as a patient, which has made me very empathetic when dealing with medical documents.
In addition, I’m always available throughout the whole cycle of a project to revise or update the translation if there are changes to the source document.

Do you need a professional English to Spanish translation done with quality, accuracy, sensitivity and in the right format?