Sara Jimenez Gomez - Medical translator

Quality medical and pharmaceutical translations that contribute to the success of your clinical studies , or the publication of your articles.

English to Spanish translations and liaison interpreting

Save time and ensure the quality of your medical, pharmaceutical and literary texts.

What’s the point of writing a book if mistranslations are going to make it difficult to understand?

Why spend years on a clinical trial if the protocol or other documentation is incorrect? If it’s not understandable, the next phase won’t get approval.

How would you feel if all the effort goes to waste because the marketing authorisation for a drug isn’t granted?

What about if you don’t recruit enough patients for your trial because they don’t understand the leaflets?

Or are you going to risk leaving an important appointment without having understood everything that’s been said?

I’m Sara Jiménez, professional translator specialised in the medical and publishing sectors, and expert in quality assurance.

I love breaking texts down and unravelling their messages so I can convey them in Spanish.

  • BA in Translation and Interpreting, Universidad de Granada
  • MA in Intercultural Communication, Translation and Interpreting in Public Services, Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid)
  • Professional member of Asetrad, the Spanish Editors, Translators and Interpreters Association

I know how hospitals work and how to address a patient.

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How can I help you?

Servicios de traducción - En la imagen: Libro de medicina y corazón artificial, en representación de los textos médicos.


I translate fiction and non-fiction books and medical and pharmaceutical texts from English into Spanish.


I interpret (translate orally) for interviews, medical appointments or in-person bureaucratic appointments for English and Spanish speakers.

Control de calidad, corrección de textos, retrotraducción español al inglés, y validación lingüistica | Sara Jimenez Gómez | Traducciones, corrección y redacción Cadiz, Sevilla, Online


I offer quality assurance services in any format, including back translations from Spanish into English and linguistic validation.

Gestión de proyectos de traducción - Sara Jiménez Gómez


I manage translation projects, especially medical translation projects. From the whole project cycle to independent tasks within it.

Redacción de contenidos: artículos para blogs y revistas sobre temas médicos de divulgación, traducción, y viajes, entre otros. | Sara Jimenez Gómez | Traducciones, corrección y redacción Cadiz, Sevilla, Online


I write informative medical articles for blogs and magazines, as well as articles about translation and travelling, among other topics.

Looking for quality, accuracy, sensitivity and punctuality for your translations?

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