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Quality assurance, project management and content writing services

Project management | English-Spanish | Sara Jiménez Gómez

"Sara, I wanted to thank you for your collaboration on this project. Thank goodness you fixed the formatting issues, because they were serious and the end client would have sent us the translation back."

Quality assurance

Good translation isn’t enough.

Everything needs to be in the right format, numbers need to be correct, and project instructions need to be followed.

You need to deliver high-quality translations to your clients, with no delays or mistakes.

And the key to that is good quality assurance. Saving you both time and stress.

For that, you need a freelance translator who:

  • Leaves relevant comments on the file so you have the time to fix the translation before delivering it to the client, and don’t risk it getting rejected.
  • Is available and responsive.
  • Checks the formatting and accuracy of your translation to ensure its quality.
  • Checks the project instructions have been followed.
  • And reduces your team’s workload, keeping them happier and more motivated.

Don’t let all the effort that’s gone into that clinical study go to waste.

A poor translation could stand in its way. So, make sure:

  • Your documents undergo the quality assurance required by ISO standards.
  • There are no mistakes in your interviews or questionnaires.
  • Patients and doctors participating in your studies can easily understand your documents.
  • The interviews for your patients achieve what they’re intended to, etc.

I’m Sara Jiménez, professional translator and expert in quality assurance and project management.

Training: I hold a BA in Translation and Interpreting, an MA and a specialisation certificate.

Experience: Over the last year alone, I’ve done quality assurance on more than 1.5 million words.

I have experience in the healthcare and in the language services industries, thanks to time working in a hospital and in the life sciences department of one of the biggest translation companies in the world. 

Training: I’ve taken courses on handling the quality assurance of specific and complicated projects with concrete instructions.

Professional ethics: I’m a professional member of Asetrad, the Spanish Editors, Translators and Interpreters Association.

Empathy: I grew up in a family of healthcare providers. I also have professional and personal experience in hospitals, so I’m used to the terminology and the administrative/diagnostic processes. I can put myself in both patients’ and providers’ shoes.

Sara Jiménez Gómez - Quality control -  professional translator and expert in quality assurance and project management- Cádiz Sevilla

Quality assurance in any format

Quality assurance

Ensure the quality of your document is up to standard.

  • I compare the translated file with the source.
  • I do a non-linguistic revision, paying special attention to anything you need (punctuation, numbers, glossaries, end-client’s instructions, etc.).
  • I use computer-assisted translation tools to ensure the best result.

Back translations

Verify that there are no changes of meaning, however slight, in the translation. 

  • Without reading the source English document, I translate the target Spanish document back into English.
  • That way, you’ll be able to compare that translation to the source document and check whether the meaning changes or not.

Linguistic validation

Check the quality of the Spanish translations of the interviews and questionnaires for your trial.

  • I select a sample of patients in order to interview them, or get them to answer the questionnaires.
  • I analyse their responses (if necessary, I can also transcribe them).
  • I create a report and deliver it together with the voice recordings.

All of these services include revisions. I’ll always answer any questions that may come up after delivery.

Other services I offer.

Project management

I’m also a project manager. More often than not, I deal with medical translation projects. 

I can handle the whole cycle of a project as well as independent tasks within it.

Content writing

I offer articles about travelling, medicine and translation, among other topics, for blogs and magazines.

This service includes revisions and support.

Which translation (or content writing) service do you need?

Any questions?

Each project is different and is priced differently. This will depend on how specialised the topic is and other factors like the number of patients to be interviewed, if you need the transcription of the interviews, etc.

I’ll prepare a personalised quote once you’ve explained your needs to me.

No, I don’t, but I leave comments flagging them so they can be amended.

I’m afraid I can’t. I only write content for blogs and magazines about medicine or books, among other topics.

Thanks to the agency RMH Consultores, my business complies with GDPR. I can send you documents to prove this, if needed.

In addition, if you wish, you can send me the documents with any personal data removed.

I have training and experience in quality assurance, project management and content writing.

I’ve worked as a project manager in the life sciences department of a big language services provider, managing projects for pharmaceutical companies, CROs, research groups and more.

I’m therefore used to dealing with scientific articles that need to be published in journals, but also with:

  • Articles that investigators need translated to understand them.
  • Summaries of product characteristics and package inserts that need to be submitted to EMA to get marketing authorisation for a drug (and need to comply with QRD templates and the MedRA terminology).
  • Informed consent forms.
  • Track changes projects that arrive after the update of a clinical trial protocol.
  • Leaflets designed with InDesign (DTP projects) that need to be perfect because they’re going to be printed; etc.

Thanks to my experience and contacts, I can put you in touch with qualified professionals that cover different languages and help you build a team.

Sure. I can translate it again and, in addition, try and tell you what the mistakes were by doing quality assurance.

Yes, I have. I’m used to working both with Office and with Adobe Reader. I’ve developed a good eye for spotting formatting mistakes, identifying if there’s something left untranslated, seeing differences in numbers, etc. I can amend those mistakes to the extent possible.

I’m also familiar with the compare and track changes functions of Office, which are essential for quality assurance.

Do you need high-quality translations from English into Spanish?