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Sara Jiménez Gómez

Texts that comply with linguistic requirements and resonate with readers.

Medicine and language: the best of both worlds

I’ve always been interested in medicine.

That might be because I grew up in a family of healthcare providers, so medicine always plays a big part in our family conversations.

Or because I’ve known the difference between a CT scan and a scintigraphy since I was 12 years old, thanks to many diagnostic tests and three operations.

However, I wasn’t made for science. I was made for the arts. My passion for languages and literature led me to decide to study Translation and Interpreting.

Later on, I realised I could have it all. I discovered I could specialise in medical translation and interpreting.

So I might well have become a doctor with a love for reading and languages. But in the end, I became a professional translator for the life sciences and publishing industries.

And I’ve never regretted it: I love breaking down a text and unravelling its message so I can transmit it in Spanish.

But, above all, I love helping healthcare providers through my translations, so that medicine reaches more people.

Sara Jiménez Gómez - Traductora e intérprete especialista en temática médica y editorial, experta en control de calidad y amante de los libros | Inglés | Español

I’m Sara Jiménez: translator specialised in medicine and publishing, expert in quality assurance and bookworm.

My goal is to translate your documents flawlessly to help medicine move forwards.

So the participants in your clinical trial don’t come to the end of your questionnaires with more questions than answers.

So EMA doesn’t stop your trial or refuse marketing authorisation for your drug due to mistakes in the translated documents. 

So society doesn’t miss out on important information because journals don’t publish your article.


So you know your documents have been translated into Spanish accurately and sensitively.

Sobre Sara Jiménez Gómez -Traductora oficial - Cádiz Sevilla
  • Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, Universidad de Granada
  • Specialisation program in medical translation, AulaSIC
  • Masters’ Degree in Intercultural Communication, Translation and Interpreting in Public Services, Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid)
  • 250+ hours of other Continuing Professional Development since 2018: medical translation, interpreting and taxation courses with institutions and companies such as Asetrad, Trágora Formación and Fundación Abrazando Ilusiones
  • Professional member of the Spanish Editors, Translators and Interpreters Association (Asetrad)

Like to find out more about me?
10 more facts.

  1. I’m committed to lifelong learning: I took a course in Psychological First Aid by the UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), which helped me assist patients during the pandemic.
  2. I often attend online and in-person conferences, such as: the Interlinguistic Communication in Public Services Conference, organised by the Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR) in Madrid in 2019, the National Argentinian Translation Conferences in 2020 and 2021, and the First International Conference of Translation, Graphic Medicine and doctor-patient Communication in Córdoba.
  3. When I was 7 years old, my parents had a form to fill in for school, confirming I had read for at least 10 minutes. I always read for at least half an hour. 
  4. At the age of 8, after my mother had encouraged me to try dancing, painting and other activities, I came back from my first English class at school asking my parents to sign me up for private English lessons.
  5. I’m a grammar nerd
  6. I do endless research for each of my translation assignments, always looking for the most reliable sources. I master the grammar, the terminology and the topic I’m translating about.
  7. Thanks to my experience with quality assurance, I’ve developed a good eye for spotting formatting errors that are frequently missed.
  8. I like to interpret for medical appointments. Although these can be emotional assignments, I know I’m helping people out.
  9. Books are and always will be my best friends, and I owe them a lot. I also work with publishing companies to keep literature universal.
  10. I like watching TV series (especially dramas), cooking, going to the beach (even in winter) and, of course, reading. But you already know that, don’t you?

Now you know all about me, it’s your turn.

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